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At Glamour Nail Salon, our endeavors are to set the highest standards in pedicures, manicures, quality products, sanitation, and exemplary client care. Our ultimate mission is: Your health and safety are our number one priority, your satisfaction is our goal, and your beauty is our pleasure.


We care about your safety. Our Implements are sterilized in an UV Sterilizer Machine and presented to you in a sterile pouch. Each client will have their own one-time nail files and buffers.


Our Pedicure Basin Bowls eliminate bacterial problems associated with jet spas and are sanitized between each service with a broad spectrum of hospital grade disinfectant that eliminates the toughest germs and viruses without harming people or the environment.


We use only the highest quality products in all our services. Innovative nail and skin products are essential for healthy hands and feet. Our skilled nail technicians provide guests with a host of natural nail and waxing services.

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